Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who you really are...

At church on Sunday, our pastor made a very disturbing comment.

"Who you are at home is who you really are."

It's disturbing because I often don't like the person I am at home. I'm easily frustrated. My temper quickly boils over. I have a mountain of things waiting for me to do them, and three little ones who see their own needs as supreme and immediate, and I tend to react out of selfishness rather than respond with love. (As I was writing this, I was further convicted by this article from a blog I follow).

My guess is that you probably don't like the person you are at home either.

This week I'm taking a good hard look at who I really am.

Because who I am has got to change into who I am becoming.

To help me along my way, I printed out some verse cards to place where I'll see them throughout the day.

What do you do to remember who you want to become?

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