Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Kind of Race is This?

And the winner is...
This morning felt like a race. Have you had mornings like that recently? I didn't get up early enough, and we only had a couple of hours in which to finish school before we had to run by the library and then meet up with my mom. I kept pushing the kids to go faster. I didn't help. In fact, I just stressed everyone out, including myself.
I forgot what kind of race I was suppose to be running. I was so focused on the goals of the morning (hurry, hurry, hurry, don't mind if I squash your feelings on the way) that I forgot my ultimate goal is to raise godly kids. Me getting frustrated at them for not being fast enough certainly doesn't help them along in that goal. In fact, it drags them backwards.

The soundtrack to my life has recently been Sara Groves new album Invisible Empires, and I was listening to it on my way home after my mom surprised me by taking the kids for the afternoon. This song really touched me in a new way as I thought about where I had missed my goals this morning when I earned the "Worst Mom in the World" trophy. I hope it helps you think about your priorities too.

What has God used to grab your attention lately?

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