Thanks for stopping by! I'm a homeschooling mom to three amazing, crazy kids. I'm a follower of Jesus, who gives me grace I don't deserve. I'm the wife of an amazing man who is a pediatrician and a musician. What seems like ages ago, I earned a degree in English, graduated from the Torrey Honors Institute, and took linguistics classes just for fun. And I'm the author of Becoming Psyche and Housefull of Book Worms.

The name for this blog comes from the book Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis. If you are curious about it, this post explains it all, but basically, I see it as a metaphor for our sanctification. For becoming the bride of Christ. One day at a time.

I hope you find encouragement here. I hope you can identify with me. I hope we can be challenge together to become conformed to the image of Christ.

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