Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where do you draw the line?

I don't want my kids to grow up with an entitlement mentality.  I don't wait on them hand and foot, and I don't give them everything they want when they want it.  I think this is good for them.  But I also want them to grow up learning to serve others the way Christ served this disciples.  I want them to be able to humble themselves, and deny what they want right then and look to the needs of another person. 

Here's the catch.  When I refuse to serve them, when I tell them no and make them wait, albeit for their own good, and I teaching them to be a servant, or am I teaching them to want more?  They say character is more caught than taught; what are they catching from me?

So, my question is, where should I draw that fine line?  I don't have that answer yet, but I would love to hear how you teach your kids to forget about themselves and think of others.

What got me thinking about this was this little snippet of a song by Sara Groves: Right Now

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