Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning new tricks

I wish I could draw. When I was young, I would try, and I remember thinking I was decent. But then at some point, I lost my confidence and stopped trying. I really have no excuse for not learning or trying harder. My mom taught high school art for years, and she would have been happy to teach me or send me to classes, but I never asked because I didn't think I would be good enough. 

But now I regret it. I regret it because I need to be able to draw in order to do so many of the things I want to do.

My daughter doesn't like to put forth effort in school or other things that are hard for her, that she feels she won't be good enough at to do well (hmmm, do I see a family character flaw here?). How do I get her to realize that she has to try in order to become good at things. That she will regret not working at them harder or learning them better later on when she lacks the skills to do the things she wants to do?

So, here I am. Thirty-something and looking for a book to teach me to draw better.  And hoping that seeing my example of learning and growing will help motivate my kids to do the same.

How do you motivate your kids? More importantly, how do you help them find self motivation?

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